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Shopping For Jewelry Online is Easy

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 Diamond Ring Shopping Tips For the Guys

1.- The Engineer he wants to examine the most minute details of the diamond… which is fine, but they tend to get too anal about the whole process. Many times they end up with a smaller diamond just because they can’t stand the idea of inclusions in the diamond. They want to get the best Diamond Clarity, Diamond Color, and Diamond Cut so they sacrifice the Diamond Carat Weight in order to achieve their goal.

Somewhere along the way, they haven’t discovered the truth that, size really does matter.

2.- Mr. “I’ll spend a bundle on a new boat but I want to spend the minimal amount that I can for this diamond” he wants the most amount of flash for the smallest amount of cash. Guys are really tight sometimes! (I can say that because I’m a guy and no guy should be reading this…. because this is secret diamond jewelry info just for women!)

He will proceed to buy a diamond that is right for him…. but he doesn’t think about when she will show it to her friends and then they start comparing diamonds. Unfortunately, she does notice that while her diamond is bigger its just not as “blingy” as the diamond that her friend Michelle got from The Engineer guy!

Sadly, there are a lot of guys that fall into the second category!

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Is he finally going to get to the point??   

Ladies, you will need to be a bit more like the guys when you want to buy diamond jewelry and more specifically start thinking about buying loose diamonds.

You will need to be a bit like The Engineer guy and a bit like the “big flash for little cash” guy. If you can position yourself between those two extremes you will have examined all the technical aspects of a diamond and then made informed compromises in order to get the most for your money when you buy diamond jewelry.

It is essential that you follow the “buy loose diamonds” approach because it will empower you to choose what works for you. Up to this point, you have gotten a basic concept of diamond’s 4Cs from this website along with visiting some local jewelers. However, the most powerful thing you have done is to go online and performed some research of loose diamond availability and pricing.

Having information like this, that is available to anyone and everyone when they are looking to buy diamond jewelry or loose diamonds is truly amazing!

I hope this article reveals some insights into the shopping process. Good luck!